Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Link to All iPhone Applications in the App Store Sorted by Release Date

Apple Inc.Image via WikipediaIf you're like many iPhone owners, you're trying out dozens of new apps from the iTunes store right now.

As you browse the store, you've probably also discovered that new apps are being released daily, but there's no simple way to identify them. (SimStapler? Not so useful. Byline, a client for Google Reader? Very useful.) Running iTunes and navigating to the screen which lists all the new apps takes three to five steps. Not very efficient.

Wouldn't it be great if there was a link to the iTunes store which showed all new iPhone applications, sorted by release date?

Here it is:

Drag the link to your browser bar, and you have one-click access to all the new iPhone apps.

On days like this, I really appreciate tinyurl. Here's the longer version of the link:

The preview page on is

Enjoy! If you liked this, please link back.

(Thanks to Kirk McElhearn for describing how to create bookmarks for the iTunes store.)
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